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Re-Use in Application Engine —

Almost without exception whenever I am asked to review the performance of a PeopleSoft system I discover issues that lead back to locally developed Application Engine processes. In particular, high database SQL parsing rates invariably originate from SQL steps that should have the re-use flag set to Yes. What this flag does is replace any […]

Perl and PeopleSoft —

Way back in 1998 I was implementing PeopleSoft Financials 7.5 for a UK Charity. SQR and Application Engine (the COBOL version back then) were the only options available in the PeopleSoft toolset for updating the database. Other than straight SQL updates in SQLPlus of course! Whilst SQR was an OK tool, I always felt it […]

VERSION 3.0 Application Engine! —

If you are running a pre-8.53 version of PeopleTools you will (hopefully) be aware of the issues and requirements of using the VERSION Application Engine to correct problems with object versioning in PeopleSoft. To summarise, the older VERSION App Engine just resets all the counter to 1! This is known as “Classic Mode” in the […]

Where you do CreateRowset does matter ….. —

In Peoplecode, it is common to see this construct: 1 Local Rowset &rs = CreateRowset(Record.RECNAME);Local Rowset &rs = CreateRowset(Record.RECNAME); Often, this construct is used within a loop. But this is not a “free” statement – it goes to the database: 1 SELECT {column_list} FROM {tab_name} WHERE 1=2SELECT {column_list} FROM {tab_name} WHERE 1=2 Which, on SQL […]