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Where you do CreateRowset does matter …..

In Peoplecode, it is common to see this construct:

Local Rowset &rs = CreateRowset(Record.RECNAME);

Often, this construct is used within a loop. But this is not a “free” statement – it goes to the database:

SELECT {column_list} FROM {tab_name} WHERE 1=2

Which, on SQL server would get wrapped in a SET FMTONLY ON / SET FMTONLY OFF statement pair in order to get the column META-DATA (describe output).

But if you use the above construct inside a loop, then there will be “n” executions of the above SQL – so “n” database round trips too. This is not free and will impact your performance.

Better to define the rowset at the component level and re-use inside the loop.

PS: The same applies to CreateRecord(Record.RECNAME). Think about where you place these statements in your code – especially in App Engine code where you are likely to be looping through rows..

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