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Displaying related content on Peoplesoft BI Publisher Crosstab Report

If you need to print related content against each row of a crosstab report, you can do this by assigning an “incontext” variable to the value of the controlling field on the row (typically assigned to “./H”), and then using that as a filter in an XPath query back to the query results e.g.

Assign a variable with the value we are searching for:

<?variable@incontext:case_id;’. /H’?>

And then use the variable in an XPath filter to find (say) a sibling value from the result set. In this case RC_SUMMARY for the given CASE_ID on the row:


This query accesses the first RC_SUMMARY for the given CASE_ID in the query results.

Note the importance of the brackets around the query here … ( ) – this ensures we find just one node. Without them we potentially find repeated RC_SUMMARY values for a given CASE_ID.

NOTE: You could use the XPath sibling functions to find the related value(s), but ‘../’ seems somehow more readable to me.