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Error 1719 Installing VirtualBox 64-bit on Windows 7

If you are encountering this error installing the x64 version of VirtualBox on Windows 7, then there is a good chance it is because the MSI installer service is trying to execute a custom action in 32-bit mode. The error message about the Windows Installer is somewhat misleading in this case.

To verify this is the case, run the VirtualBox executable from a command prompt with the /logging parameter and review the logfile created. If this is the cause of the problem, you will see an error like this in the log:

MSI (s) (DC:98) [12:00:00:000]: Custom Action Server rejected – Wrong Context
MSI (s) (DC:B8) [12:00:00:001]: CA Server Process has terminated.

The fix is a very simple Windows Registry change using to set the WOW64 entry to 0 (zero) for the msiserver i.e.


Note: For the change to take effect, the Windows Installer Service must be restarted under Services.

There is a more detailed explanation by Aaron Stebner over on MSDN:


Peoplesoft PUM VirtualBox

Peoplesoft PUM – Re-starting VM Config

If you need to re-start the Peoplesoft configuration process for an Update Manager Virtualbox VM, then you can do so by logging in as root and setting the VBOX_SETUP environment variable to “1” before running the VM template shell script e.g.

export VBOX_SETUP=1

Note that if you had previously created the APPDOM/PRCSDOM domains then you will need to delete them prior to re-starting the configuration script or it will fail.