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VERSION 3.0 Application Engine!

If you are running a pre-8.53 version of PeopleTools you will (hopefully) be aware of the issues and requirements of using the VERSION Application Engine to correct problems with object versioning in PeopleSoft.

To summarise, the older VERSION App Engine just resets all the counter to 1! This is known as “Classic Mode” in the later release of the VERSION App Engine and is to be avoided at all costs really. You need everyone out of PeopleSoft, have to take all Application and Process Schedulers down, clear cache and run the App Engine from the command line to be 100% safe using it. Ugh.

Oracle recommends downloading and installing the most current VERSION Application Engine on all systems running PeopleTools >= 8.44 up to the latest release. Why? Because the later release is safer and better in all respects.

It has three execution modes:

  • Report Only Mode – Prefix your Run Control Id with the string “REPORTONLY” and you will get a report of the problems you have (if any) with versioning.
  • Classic Mode – Prefix your Run Control Id with the string “RESETVERSIONS” and the App Engine will run the “old way” – with all of it’s limitations (servers down, everybody out, cache cleared and run from command line). DO NOT USE THIS!
  • Enhanced Mode – Use and other Run Control prefix and the App Engine will just fix the versions that are wrong. It won’t reset back to 1 – just make everything line up correctly. You can even run this via Process Scheduler and with the servers up. What’s not to like about that?

Oracle Support Document 611565.1 (E-AS: Instructions Regarding the Use of the VERSION Application Engine Program) can be found at: Oracle Support Document 611565.1

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