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Re-Use in Application Engine

Almost without exception whenever I am asked to review the performance of a PeopleSoft system I discover issues that lead back to locally developed Application Engine processes. In particular, high database SQL parsing rates invariably originate from SQL steps that should have the re-use flag set to Yes.

What this flag does is replace any %bind() variables in the SQL step with proper bind variables and compiles the SQL only once. Without this flag, the %bind() variables are substituted as literals at run-time and executed directly. This can lead to huge parsing rates as typically the offending SQL steps are executed within a loop. Of course, this is generally contrary to what you should be doing with SQL – set processing, but all too often Application Engine is used as a direct replacement for procedural languages such as SQR.

Some metrics from a system I looked at a while ago:

Approximately 15300 SQL statements in the cache, of which over 7700 originated from a single Application Engine run just 9 times during the day. These 7700 could have been been reduced to 3 (well 2 actually) just by setting the ReUse flag to ‘Y’ on the three offending SQLs. Using set processing of course, none of them would have been needed đŸ™‚

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