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I’m not a smart-arse

Well not all of the time…

When I re-read some of my posts I wonder if I come across as an utter smart-arse. Often my posts appear to be critical of all developers in general – but in many cases my criticisms can be traced back to two fundamentals:

  • Aptitude and analytical skills.

Both of which appear (to me at least) to be “dying arts”.

Software development really isn’t “hard” to those with an aptitude for it. Analytical skills can be learnt over time but an inquisitive mind and a logical mindset go a long way to making that appear easy too.

Sadly, over the years we have seen a glut of wannabe developers for whom the attraction of “better than average” money is all too irresistible. And who suffers? The customer – every time. They pay the going rate and receive a sub-standard product. Subsequent changes to the code require better than average developers to unpick the mess – but everyone is afraid to just “start from scratch”.

The end result? A sticking plaster approach to development that is rarely fit for purpose.

My advice – don’t be afraid to start from scratch. If you are (or have/find) a quality developer – then let them write the code the way it should be – ignore what is there and just “do it properly”.

’nuff said.

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