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_WA_Sys Stats or Hand Crafted? —

SQL Server generates histogram statistics automatically whenever a column is referenced in a predicate and it is not already the leading column in an existing histogram statistic. By design, indexes create histogram statistics automatically so any column you have that is the leading column in an index will already have histogram statistics. The autogenerated statistics […]

VERSION 3.0 Application Engine! —

If you are running a pre-8.53 version of PeopleTools you will (hopefully) be aware of the issues and requirements of using the VERSION Application Engine to correct problems with object versioning in PeopleSoft. To summarise, the older VERSION App Engine just resets all the counter to 1! This is known as “Classic Mode” in the […]

Downloading from Oracle with wget —

Downloads from My Oracle Support are facilitated through a wget shell (wget.sh) script that can be used as an alternative to interactively downloading the individual files via a web browser. This feature is particularly useful for headless *nix servers or where X is not installed at all, but also for those large image downloads you […]

Beyond Compare 4 —

I just invested in the latest version of Scooter Software’s incredible file/folder/data comparison tool Beyond Compare. Lots of new features but most significantly for me is that there is now a native Mac OSX version. Full list of changes here The jury is out on the UI changes but it is still as slick as […]