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PeopleTools 8.55 is Available

As of Friday 4th December 2015, Oracle have released PeopleTools 8.55. A few noteworthy changes that look interesting are shown below.

  • Master-Detail Component type – looks very interesting and has many use-cases I think.
  • Ability of CI to retain state to improve performance in MAP (Mobile Application Platform) applications.
  • Find Definition References – At last it does Application classes and methods!
  • Line numbers in PeopleCode editor.
  • Improved Auto-complete in the PeopleCode editor.
  • Charting improvements – Series class, ToolTipLabelClass (nice!), Rating Gauge charts, Spark charts.
  • Sybase and Informix support is no more!
  • Back button improvement – takes you back to the search results. Breadcrumbs are gone for navigation.
  • Fluid Activity Guides and Dashboards. Looks nice and needed to allow PeoplSoft apps to compete with SAS UI’s like Workday.
  • Various branding and look and feel enhancements.
  • CORS authorized sites list on Web Profile.
  • Log Analyzer for Application Engine – looks like my perl script(s) may be redundant!
  • Additional locales (17) and currencies (8).
  • Log Correlation adds fields to web server and application server logs to make it easier to link related entries. Previously only the timestamp could be used and that depended on exact time synchronization across servers.
  • You can create a PIA from PSAdmin. Useful for scripted builds of VMs.
  • Support for WITH and MERGE in SQL Access Manager. I like WITH but am wary of MERGE – I have seen some horrible things attempted with it.
  • Materialized views for SQL server and DB2 z/OS. At last!
  • Support for Oracle 12c In-Memory tables/columns.
  • AccessId and ConnectId extended to 32 characters.
  • SHA-256/4096 key size.
  • New “My Preferences Framework” to replace “My Personalizations”
  • PeopleTools Health Center gives you a Nagios-like system health dashboard. Part of PPM. Includes log access/browsing from the web browser. Hmmm … can you search across the logs using (say) a RegEx?
  • Lots of reporting changes to Pivot Grids, BI Publisher and PeopleSoft Query/Connected Query. COUNT DISTINCT is a new aggregate option – long overdue.
  • Some nice PTF changes like allowing sign-on thru branded/customized logon page and multiple browser support (but sadly only for playback – recording tests still needs IE).
  • Application Designer Upgrade now tracks cloning of and changes to permission lists, roles and menus. This information is used when applying PUM updates to also apply them to customized versions. Cool.

Note this is not a complete list – refer to the PeopleTools 8.55 New Features Overview PDF for full details.

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