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Antec 1080 AMG – RIP

After over 10 years this monster of a tower case has gone to the recycling centre. It’s been replaced by a cheap (but surprisingly good) Corsair SPEC-03 gaming case. Whilst the Corsair is positively flimsy in comparison to the Antec, it offers some decent features at a great price point. It is surprisingly quiet too. My AMD FX-4350 idles at 20 degrees in this case even with a very average CPU cooler – the Artic Cooling Freezer 13 Pro. I’m planning to replace the cooler in due course – probably with another Noctua as in my other builds.

My main reason for moving away from the Antec case was space considerations, although the better cooling, front mounted USB 3.0 ports and reduced noise have all been positives as well. Recommended.


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