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I’m not a smart-arse —

Well not all of the time… When I re-read some of my posts I wonder if I come across as an utter smart-arse. Often my posts appear to be critical of all developers in general – but in many cases my criticisms can be traced back to two fundamentals: Aptitude and analytical skills. Both of […]

Respect SQL! —

I am by no means an SQL guru – there are many people far more skilled in SQL than I am. But I like to think I write well structured and clean SQL that is maintainable and performs well. Sadly, all to often I find poorly thought out SQL written in hard to read styles […]


Developers absolutely love DISTINCT don’t they? They use them everywhere but often for the wrong reasons. My current pet hate in this area is DISTINCT in UNIONs. I’m guessing they: Don’t realise UNION will give them the DISTINCT list Somehow believe DISTINCT in that part of the UNION will make the statement miraculously faster None […]

Cyclists —

<rant> You don’t pay road tax (well for the bike at least) You aren’t insured Surely you could at least obey traffic lights? They do apply to you “entitled” sods too you know! </rant> OK .. I know some of you **might** be insured. But I seriously doubt your insurance covers running a red light! […]