Hints and Tips Security

Cisco AnyConnect – Disable ICS

If you are having issues using Cisco AnyConnect on Windows and are getting errors such as:

“Connection attempt has failed”


“AnyConnect was not able to establish a connection to the specified secure gateway”

then be sure to confirm you have stopped or disabled the Windows Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) service.


Also, make 100% sure you haven’t shared the wireless device itself.

Related Post: Lenovo laptops have a HotSpot feature that requires ICS (see Lenovo Support Article).

PeopleTools Security

PeopleTools Roles and Permission Lists

The problem with the standard roles/permissions lists supplied with PeopleTools is that they get overwritten during a PeopleTools upgrade. So it really isn’t wise to modify the supplied definitions. Clone them and give those to your users if you really must modify them. It might **seem** the quicker method to modify the supplied definitions but you will probably pay for it in the end 🙂

Even if you don’t modify them always be aware that Oracle may add or remove permissions so a quick compare of the permissions after a PeopleTools upgrade/patch is well worth the effort.