Hints and Tips PeopleTools PUM VirtualBox Windows

EnableLinkedConnections and VirtualBox PUM Images

When you map a network drive to the Samba share of a VirtualBox PUM VM in order to install (say) the PeopleTools client, the mapped drive may be invisible to your cmd prompt running as Administrator – something you need in order to update the registry and install the client software.

To work around this on Windows 7 through 10, see this article:

Hints and Tips Peoplesoft PeopleTools PUM – well worth a visit. Great podcasts, discussions on DPK, the latest PeopleTools features and how to use them as well as more mundane PeopleSoft admin topics.


Peoplesoft PUM VirtualBox

Peoplesoft PUM – Re-starting VM Config

If you need to re-start the Peoplesoft configuration process for an Update Manager Virtualbox VM, then you can do so by logging in as root and setting the VBOX_SETUP environment variable to “1” before running the VM template shell script e.g.

export VBOX_SETUP=1

Note that if you had previously created the APPDOM/PRCSDOM domains then you will need to delete them prior to re-starting the configuration script or it will fail.