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SET ARITHABORT ON and PeopleSoft —

My previous post focused on the specific issue of poor PS Query performance when ARITHABORT was set to OFF on the connection. But the fix I suggested for that will also affect all other Peoplesoft connections. That means app servers, process schedulers, app engines, BI Publisher reports …pretty much every PS connection. But that really […]

Customers can only have one address ….. —

During my time converting PeopleSoft data to Oracle EBS, I remember being asked to create a spreadsheet output using Penataho for the dataload of customers with a number of tabs including: Customer Info Customer Addresses This request came from the “off-shore” resource we had on-shore from India at the time. An EBS “expert” … or […]

Pentaho Data Integration —

The project I am currently on is using Pentaho Data Integration (aka PDI or Kettle) to migrate data from Peoplesoft ERP (8.4 SP2) to Oracle eBusiness Suite (11.5). Notwithstanding the obvious absurdity of this move (I am a Peoplesoft person … so I am biased), the Pentaho ETL tool is proving to be truly excellent […]

Workday Rising —

I was fortunate enough to attend Workday Rising 2011 in Las Vegas last month. I managed to combine the trip with a long anticipated holiday in Vegas thanks to a very understanding partner. It was a truly excellent event that reminded me very much of Peoplesoft events in “the old days”. Same old faces in […]