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REGEXP Problem —

A good friend asked me how to replace the lastĀ full stop (period) in a field with another character using a regular expression e.g. a comma. When I asked “what language?” it turned out he wanted to do this using REGEXP_REPLACE in Oracle SQL. It’s a problem with a couple of solutions that I could immediately […]

VERSION 3.0 Application Engine! —

If you are running a pre-8.53 version of PeopleTools you will (hopefully) be aware of the issues and requirements of using the VERSION Application Engine to correct problems with object versioning in PeopleSoft. To summarise, the older VERSION App Engine just resets all the counter to 1! This is known as “Classic Mode” in the […]

PeopleSoft Date Fields Tip —

Remember that you can put the letter t (or T) into a date field in PeopleSoft and the system will replace it with (t)oday’s date when you tab out of the field. Actually, back in pre-web/pre-PIA versions of PeopleTools (when the application was a Windows 32-bit executable), there were other useful values you could use […]